Pipeline Construction

Pipeline Construction

Safety at Every Stage

As a one of the top pipeline construction companies, Denmax is equipped to safely design and construct pipeline projects. All of our work is completed to the highest quality our oil and gas clients have come to expect from us, with pipeline integrity at the forefront. Our highly experienced personnel, equipped with high calibre, current model equipment, understand what it takes to get the job done right. Leveraging our groundbreaking project management systems, you can expect your project to be delivered on budget, on time, and safely. As your pipeline contractor, we provide construction for:

2”-16” NPS: steel (coated & uncoated), insulated steel, composite, polyethylene, and fibreglass providing the best quality product. 

Utilizing various welding methods, ploughing and trenching.

HDPE poly pipe plowing.

Installation in a variety of terrains, such as prairies, muskeg, valleys, and forested regions across the Western Sedimentary Basin, including but not limited to:

  • River crossings
  • Major highway and road crossings
  • Gathering systems
  • Above-ground pipelines


    • Landowner engagement for the proposed pipeline
    • Preparing the right-of-way


  • Pipe welding
  • Pipe bending 
  • Pipeline coating 
  • Pipeline positioning 
  • Installation of valves and fittings
  • Site restoration

Post construction

Nothing is left unexamined in the interest of pipeline safety.


  • Pressure Testing
  • Land Remediation


 Interconnected Capabilities

Due to our wide range of services and client markets, we have strategically selected and designed programs for multi-use purposes while providing the highest quality expected from Denmax in a cost-efficient way. The energy industry requires a construction company that understands how pipelines operate, with a comprehensive view of your project.  A Variety of Services, Un-compromising Quality:


Great thought is put into how that equipment not only supports single client markets and/or services but how it supports all of our markets/services. In this strategy, both cross-market skillsets and utilization targets are optimized resulting in cost efficiencies that are transposed to our clients in the tendering process.

Skill Sets

Our well-trained, experienced people have their own unique skillsets to bring to the table. We offer years of experience in various fields to bring you the best service possible. Not only that, we are supported by an accomplished workforce to ensure the best product is delivered.


​Denmax offers a variety of services without compromising quality. We ensure this with clear communication channels, cross-training, leveraging key competencies, and operational system development.

Resource Deployment

Coordinated and controlled resource deployment. Utilizing our integrated IT platform all Denmax Assets, utilization rates, personnel, project progress, project financial tracking and project quantity consumption are live and interactive. This allows our resource allocation team to dispatch the right equipment with the right people at the right time optimizing efficiencies, utilization rates, and reducing errors.