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Denmax Energy Services Ltd, Heavy Haul Services have highly experienced trucking staff operating our high calibre current model specialized equipment allowing for safe, efficient, and exceptional quality when providing heavy haul services. With our diversified fleet of vehicles and specialized equipment, we are sure to get the job done providing cost efficiencies and daily tracking for all of our clients.


Heavy Haul Services

Specializing in heavy haul transportation, we have multiple programs in place to ensure our equipment is up to date with all maintenance and technological advancements. We utilize our diverse fleet of vehicles to complete any job safely and on time. Our trucking services can handle heavy equipment, heavy haul shipments and everything in between.

We have state-of-the-art tank hauling equipment that self-loads and unloads to reduce potential injury, damage, and cost. With tandem and tri-drive winch tractors, 40& 48 wheel set-ups, 13 axle set-ups and varying trailers to meet client demand whether the load’s heavy, high, or wide we have over twenty-five years of experience to handle the job right.

Facility Services

Denmax takes pride in offering cost-effective, innovative and hands-on Greenfield & Brownfield project services in both contractor and general contractor capacities for your construction projects (Upstream Facility & Midstream Facility). We can handle the construction process from start to finish, from site selection to an abandonment program to brand new natural gas facilities.


Facility Services

Denmax takes pride in offering cost-effective, innovative and hands-on Greenfield & Brownfield project services in both contractor and general contractor capacities (Upstream Facility & Midstream Facility).


  • Oil battery and treating facilities
  • Crude oil loading stations (Rail)
  • Manifold upgrades
  • Compressor stations
  • Pigging facilities
  • Multiwell heavy oil facilities
  • Plastic and composite plowing
  • Tank farm facility construction & upgrades
  • Station construction & upgrades

Fabrication Services

Denmax has the technology and expertise to provide customized solutions for your projects. There are many benefits to metal fabrication, but the most important is that you get exactly what you want — a durable solution to your problem. Being ABSA, TSASK and CWB certified allows us to carry out even the most complex fabrication jobs with the utmost quality.


Fabrication Services


We manufacture 2” to 36” pipe and complete fabrication for skid and modular piping systems, ensuring the following codes are met in both the field and fabrication shop:

    • ASME B31.3
    • B31.1 (Excluding boiler external piping)
    • ASME Section VIII-1 Pressure Vessel Repair and Alteration
    • CSA Z662
    • AWWA M

We are a CWB Division 2 Facility where we complete:

    • Modular Racking Fabrication
    • Compressor & Pump Skid Manufacturing
    • Stairs and Crossovers
    • Driven Pile Installation (Hoe-Pac)
    • Stairs & Crossover
    • Facility Pipe Racking & Supports
    • Manifold Structural
    • As well as many other structural necessities
    • Burner tube repairs, vessel repairs
    • ASME B31.3
    • B31.1
    • ASME Section VIII-1 Pressure Vessel Repair and Alteration

Pipeline Services

Denmax is equipped to safely manage pipeline projects of all sizes and complexities. All of our work is completed to the highest quality our clients have come to expect from us. At Denmax, we offer a unique set of 2 to 16" pipeline services unmatched by any competitor in the oil & gas or construction industry.


Pipeline Services

We provide pipeline construction for:
  • 2”-16” NPS: steel (coated & uncoated), insulated steel, composite, polyethylene, and fibreglass providing the best quality product.
  • Utilizing various welding methods, ploughing and trenching.
  • Installation in a variety of terrains, such as prairies, muskeg, valleys, and forested regions across the Western Sedimentary Basin, including but not limited to:


      • River crossings
      • Major highway and road crossings
      • Gathering systems
      • Above-ground pipelines

Civil construction Services

Every Civil Construction job is unique and as such, we work closely with your team to ensure safety standards met and projects are completed on time and at the budgeted project cost. Denmax has the right equipment and personnel to exceed your expectations on any construction site, from municipalities to commercial development. We have the training and experience to get the job done right, every time.


Civil Services


    • Grading
    • Road Building
    • Concrete
    • Fencing
    • Reclamation and Seeding
    • Culvert Installation: CSP & SPCSP
    • Erosion Control
    • Electric
    • Utility Installation
    • Landfills
    • Retention Ponds
    • Drainage Canals
    • Insulation
    • Subdivisions
    • Crude to Rail Loading Facilities

    • Residential
    • Commercial and industrial
    • Oil and gas

    • Pipeline Right of way clean up
    • Contaminated Soil Clean up
    • Abandoned lease Reclamation
    • Seeding

Renewable Energy Services

We have a full contingent of labour and equipment for any of your renewable energy needs from the initial Earthworks to Fabrication, Helical/Screw Piles and Heavy Hauling. We have managed our growth sustainability side by side with our clients, building a solid reputation in the energy industry


Renewable Energy Services

Our Alternative Energy Solutions Group can trace our roots back 40 years. We have managed our growth sustainably side by side with our clients, building a solid reputation in the energy industry. We are known for delivering the best available technology for win-win energy solutions. Through this, we have developed a deep level of trust with various companies.

We pride ourselves in finishing projects safely and ahead of schedule, which we believe, makes our company second to none. We won’t promise you that nothing will go wrong with any given project, but we do promise to stand with you and resolve any project issues that arise so that we ensure that the project succeeds, WITH YOU.

Hauling Services

As one of the leading heavy haul trucking companies, we have the knowledge and equipment to handle your needs. Denmax provides reliable and professional services with a large fleet to handle all projects, big and small. Specializing in Tank, Windmill and Compressor Hauling.


Heavy Hauling Services


At Denmax Energy Services Ltd., we have highly experienced staff operating our current equipment allowing for safe, efficient, and exceptional quality when providing heavy haul services. We have extensive experience in tank hauling; utilizing equipment with the ability to self-load and unload which reduces potential injury, damage, and cost.



Denmax’s fleet is equipped with specialized Schnabel trailers for Windmill Component transportation to move the tower sections; and trailers to haul the cone, nacelle, and turbines safely and efficiently.



We have current equipment with the capability to haul compressors of multiple sizes and weights. A vast variety of trailer combinations to accommodate the various load configurations ensures the load is fit securely and arrives safely. Highly experienced personnel paired with our many years of experience allows us to provide the best result when it comes to hauling over-dimensional loads of any kind.

The quality and safety of our civil construction projects are our top priority. With Denmax, you can trust that your site preparation, building projects, and all aspects of civil construction will be managed with the utmost expertise by our dedicated management team.


Heavy Haul Services