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Alternative Energy Solutions


Our Alternative Energy Solutions Group can trace our roots back 40 years. We have managed our growth sustainably side by side with our clients, building a solid reputation in the energy industry. We are known for delivering the best available technology for win-win energy solutions. Through this, we have developed a deep level of trust with various companies.

We pride ourselves in finishing projects safely and ahead of schedule, which we believe, makes our company second to none. We won’t promise you that nothing will go wrong with any given project, but we do promise to stand with you and resolve any project issues that arise so that we ensure that the project succeeds, WITH YOU.

The Problem

  • Reliable power generation and energy at predictable prices.
  • Growing social awareness of clean energy choices.
  • Need for predictable control.
  • Traditional grid-sourced, fossil-fuel-based to Independent/flexible, hybrid energy system.
  • Tie together renewable energy, energy storage, combined cycle and co-gen options.
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Our Solutions

  • Alternative Energy Solutions Group team can analyze, design, procure, construct, monitor & maintain energy solution assets.
  • Deliver low-cost, reliable clean energy supply, tailored to our clients’ business needs, while reducing or eliminating carbon footprint.
  • Accomplished by PPAs, Design/Build, Full EPC, Construction-Only, OM&M Deliver predictable, economic and reliable electricity and energy.

How We Do It

    • Design-build turnkey alt. energy projects from various energy sources
    • Design, engineering & procurement of energy efficient solutions
    • Construction & commissioning
    • Asset operation, monitoring & maintenance
    • End of asset life planning


System Integration

At Denmax we strive to stay current with technological advancements. As an example, software system integration aligning with operational segments provides live amalgamation of data allowing real time decision making. Combining new energy technology with Denmax’s experience brings cost effective, alternative energy solutions to our clients. 

Opportunities in efficiencies increases, costs are reduced, and faster accommodation of customer and project requirements are the end result.

IT System Integration Platform

Under the same software platform, data from the following list can be accessed live and immediately to appropriate users allowing us to provide reporting platforms that result in timely key decision-making opportunities.

  • Project estimating factors, quantities and assumptions
  • Live labour, equipment, material, and subcontractor data input from the field
  • Work breakdown structure tracking for reported production against original cost estimate and production goals
  • Construction schedule adherence
  • Logistics: reduced inefficiencies and downtime
  • Asset location, daily movement, and duration of requirement
  • Current personnel competencies, training, location, and duration of requirements
  • Current material requirement and usage
  • Equipment maintenance. We are able to facilitate communication about equipment maintenance between the shop and field simultaneously. 
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Leading and Lagging safety indicators